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Private Membership Association

How It Works


What is a PMA?

Private Membership Association

There are various types of private associations that operate in this way to keep business between the association and its members contractually private. Running our ranch under a private membership association allows our members to make their own choices, without unnecessary government oversight. ReGen Ranch members also get the added benefit of being able to buy/sell/trade their own products amongst themselves and are covered under the same PMA protections. 

What does it cost?

PMA Membership & Product Costs


$50 First-Time Fee

 $5 Yearly Renewal

PMA Membership includes

a free ReGen Ranch t-shirt.


$9 | Gallon A1/A2 Raw Milk

$4.50 | Half-Gallon A1/A2 Raw Milk

$12.00 | Gallon A2/A2 Raw Milk

limited supply

View our statement on A2/A2 milk here.

First-time fee is due at your first pick-up. All payments must be made via exact cash, Venmo, or Zelle. No checks please. 

*Pricing is subject to change*

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Location & Pick-Up Times

When and where do I get my milk?

You will be assigned a specific pick-up day based on your availability selections. Your first pick-up is always a scheduled agreed upon time. After which you can come anytime between open hours (only on your pick-up day).

Monday - Friday Hours | 8am-7pm

Saturday Hours | 10am-7pm

Due to being a private membership association, we are not open to the public and therefore do not provide our address publicly. We understand wanting a more precise location to make sure our location is convenient for you! ReGen Ranch is located right outside downtown Taylorsville, about 2 minutes from the Alexander County Court House.


Weekly milk pick-up is the only commitment required when joining the ReGen Ranch PMA.

ReGen Ranch Waitlist :

Approx. 12 Months

Click for Waitlist Details

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ!

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