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Private Membership Association

How It Works


What is a PMA?

Private Membership Association

There are various types of private associations that operate in this way to keep business between the association and its members contractually private. Running our ranch under a private membership association allows our members to make their own choices, without unnecessary government oversight. ReGen Ranch members also get the added benefit of being able to buy/sell/trade their own products amongst themselves and are covered under the same PMA protections. 

What does it cost?

PMA Membership & Product Costs


$50 First-Time Fee

 $5 Yearly Renewal

PMA Membership includes

a free ReGen Ranch t-shirt.


$8 | gallon raw milk

$4 | half gallon raw milk

$5 | dozen eggs

First-time fee is due at your first pick-up. All payments must be made via exact cash, Venmo, or Zelle. No checks please. 

*Pricing is subject to change*

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Location & Pick-Up Times

When and where do I get my milk?

Tuesday - Friday | 8am-6pm

Saturday | 10am-6pm

First pick-up is always a scheduled agreed upon time, then you can come anytime between open hours on your pick-up day.

Due to being a private membership association, we are not open to the public and therefore do not provide our address publicly. We understand wanting a more precise location to make sure our location is convenient for you! ReGen Ranch is located right outside downtown Taylorsville, about 2 minutes from the Alexander County Court House.


Weekly milk pick-up is the only commitment required when joining the ReGen Ranch PMA. Egg purchase is not required.

You will receive an email when room is available. PMA fee's and the contract signature are due at your first pick-up. For this reason, you will not officially join the PMA or owe any payment until that initial pick-up. You will have the option to opt-out when room becomes available if you are no longer interested.


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