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Waitlist Details

Frequently Asked Waitlist Questions

Is the waitlist a commitment to join? 

No it is not. When you fill out the waitlist, you are agreeing to the terms of our PMA contract if you accept membership when it is offered.  However, joining the waitlist does not require you to join when we have room for you. You have every right to say, 'no thank you' when you are offered a spot.

How will you know when you are off the waitlist?

You will receive an email letting you know that we have room, your pick-up day offered, and the amount available. It will include a link to our website to refresh on PMA details and pricing. We allow 24 hours to accept your membership before we move on to the next waitlisted member. After verbally accepting via text message or email, you will receive a detailed welcome email and we will schedule your first pick-up!

What if I am not available on the day you offer me?

Typically, if you pass on membership when it is offered, you will be entirely removed from the list. Meaning you will have to re-sign up and start back at the bottom if you so choose. However, we do acknowledge that our wait time is long and a lot can change between the time you sign-up and the time it is offered. If your availability has changed when you are offered a spot, please let us know immediately! We will update your days, keep you in the same spot on the list, and let you know when we have room that matches your up to date availability. We will only do this if your DAYS of availability have changed. 

How long is the waitlist right now?

It is hard to give an accurate waitlist time. There are many factors to consider.

1. The more days you have available for pick-up the better.

2. Your minimum amount. If you have a high minimum amount, it may take longer to move you off the waitlist.

Example : We have 1 gallon available weekly for Tuesday pick-up. Susie signed up before John, but John has a minimum of 1 gallon and a preferred of 2 gallons, while Susie has a minimum of 2 gallons and a preferred of 3 gallons. John will be offered a spot first because we can not meet Susie's minimum even though she signed up first.

3. Sometimes waitlisted members pass or never respond. This moves others up the line faster.

4. Current members may lessen their amount of milk, which unexpectedly may open up room for new members!

5. Our current members take precedence, and they are offered extra milk before new members are added. This may prolong the waitlist.

6. Milk Supply - we can only grow our herd so fast. We may decide to add another cow in milk if possible, or we may be waiting on our current heifers to be old enough to have a calf and join the milking herd.

Estimated Waitlist Time

We currently have over 90 gallons on waitlist, with a projected wait time of 12 months for members that join the waitlist right now. This is a rough estimate and could be +/- up to 6 months with the above in mind.


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