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About ReGen Ranch

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Meet The Ranchers

Both Ryan and Arianna grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. In 2017 they moved outside Raleigh with their daughters. They later relocated to Taylorsville NC, in 2020, where they purchased the ReGen Ranch property. 

Ryan is a first generation rancher, though his work ethic would make you think his family has been doing this for generations. In addition to handling some of the most physically laborious aspects of the farm, Ryan also works full-time for a software development company. His passion however lies in learning and perfecting regenerative dairy hands on.


Arianna is a 5th generation rancher. But just like her, most of those farmers and ranchers had to find their way back to their roots later in adulthood. Beyond visiting her grandpa's cattle ranch in Missouri, Arianna did not have the opportunity to grow up learning this lifestyle hands on. Her focus for ReGen Ranch is on digital infrastructure & social media, animal care management, as well as homeschooling their three daughters.



Why Regenerative Dairy?

ReGen Ranch started out as a journey to being self-sufficient and building up a homestead to provide food for our family. Once we got involved in the homesteading community it didn't take long before we came across information about regenerative agriculture.

It was then that we started to see the parallels between the Bible and regenerative agriculture. We quickly saw the importance of being good stewards of the land and letting animals work it in the way God intended. We learned about the harms of some common agriculture practices. Such as lacking biodiversity and important bugs, usually due to things like pesticides and fertilizers.


We yearned for a way to let our land provide for our community in a way that made us feel good about not only what we put in our bodies, but also what we were giving our animals for sustenance as well. After falling in love with our first dairy cow in 2021, it wasn't long before we had the vision that started ReGen Ranch.

Find out how to join our PMA here.


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