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A2/A2 Milk | The Truth

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It is said that A2 milk is the original protein for cows. It has been argued that this natural genetic mutation that created the A1 protein is to blame for many digestive issues when consuming dairy products. Even the commercialized dairy world has started to monetize the A2/A2 trend. You can now purchase pasteurized and homogenized A2/A2 milk right from your grocery store. We keep seeing repeated outcomes of dairy intolerant individuals having great success with purchasing these A2/A2 products. The issue is, while these experiences are very real, it is not comparative to raw milk.

Studies have shown minimal differences when we are looking at A2 versus A1 proteins in raw milk specifically. 

"This peer reviewed and published 2007 study performed by Polish researchers found that raw Al and

A2 milk was the same when RAW with trace differences of the BCM7. However, when that same raw milk was processed with high heat, the processed Al milk expressed high levels of BCM7 casomorphine.

This study strongly suggests that it is not the raw milk from Al or A2 cows that is the problem because their milk is virtually the same when raw, it is the processing of the milk that is the problem. When Al milk is heated the BCM 7 levels rise and potential issues become significant.

This also strongly suggests that the entire Al-A2 issue became a health matter in the last 80 years and has not been a health issue for thousands of years when raw milk was consumed all over the world with excellent health benefits." 

This excerpt above from begs the question, when did this natural "genetic mutation" actually occur? Historians believe that the A1 mutation originated in Europe somewhere around 8,000 years ago. Argument of the Earths age aside, historians believe this occurred well before testing on cows was even plausible. Long before they believe cows were even tamed to consume their milk. The truth is - this was never a discussion until roughly 80 years ago, which lines up with when pasteurized dairy was the norm. Prior to this, humans have consumed raw milk for thousands of years. Further proving the studies point, that when in it's raw form, there is insignificant differences between the A1 and A2 protein types. 

ReGen Ranch believes that A2/A2 milk education has been misleading and is only a health neccesity for a VERY small percentage of individals. We encourage all members to start with our normal A1/A2 milk if you have never consumed raw milk before. We do acknowledge that there is a tiny percentage of people with a true A1 protein allergy. We are able to provide A2/A2 milk (limited supply), for our families that truly need it. Please do not request A2/A2 milk if you have not first tried A1/A2 raw milk for a prolonged period of time. We want to keep our limited supply available for the families who really need it.


Thank you!

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