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Joining RR's

ReGen Ranch strives to empower its members with the right to choose the foods they put in their body. We also believe that transparency in the food industry is lacking and we want members to feel good about the food they buy for their families, knowing the process of where their food started to how they got it on their plate (or cup). Running our ranch under a private membership association allows our members to make their own choices, without unnecessary government oversight.

Herd Share Info

Private Membership Association Overview

ReGen Ranch Private Membership Association is an initial $50 fee, with a $5 yearly renewal. This includes a free ReGen Ranch t-shirt, and your initial jar rental fee.


1/2 Gallon Milk With Cream / $3.50

1 Gallon Milk With Cream / $7.00

Free Range Eggs / $5 Dozen

Membership gives you the ability to purchase, barter, and/or trade with ReGen Ranch and ReGen Ranch members without unnecessary government oversight.

Due to demand, we presently can only accept PMA members that are committed to a weekly or bi-weekly pick-up. Please view our sign-up form for our current pick-up availability.


What is a PMA? 

There are various types of private associations that operate in this way to keep business between the association and its members contractually private. Running our ranch under a private membership association allows our members to make their own choices, without unnecessary government oversight. ReGen Ranch members also get the added benefit of being able to buy/sell/trade their own products amongst themselves and are covered under the same PMA protections. 

What are the PMA Costs?

$50 first-time fee / $5 Yearly Renewal

*First-time fee is due at your first pick-up via cash, Venmo, or Zelle. No checks please. 

What does the PMA cost include?

Legal coverage to buy/sell/trade with ReGen Ranch and ReGen Ranch PMA members, your initial jar rental fee, a coupon code for (1) FREE ReGen Ranch Embroidered Logo T-Shirt of your choice from our merch store!

Why a PMA instead of Herd Share Now?

North Carolina strictly prohibits the public commercial sale of raw milk for human consumption. ReGen Ranch previously ran as a herd share. This avenue allowed us to legally sell shares of our herd, in which our members paid care fees for the herd and in turn got their share of what the herd produced (raw milk). Herd share legally requires the weekly payment of care costs, regardless of whether you can pick-up or not. Presently, due to current demand, we can only guarantee products for PMA members who are committed to weekly raw milk pick-up. But a PMA means that if you go on vacation or unexpectedly can't pick up that week, you don't have to still pay care fees. A PMA allows more legal coverage for you to make your own food choices for your body, as well as more flexibility in cost so you are not having to pay without getting product in return. 

Are there any other costs?

Purchase of product is not included in your PMA membership fee. 

Raw milk is $3.50/per half gallon. We also have pasture raised eggs (when available) that are $5/dozen. Commitment to weekly or bi-weekly raw milk is currently required to join ReGen Ranch PMA. Egg purchase is not required. 

What days/times can we pick-up?

When you sign-up you will choose your assigned pick-up day. Your first two pick-up's will be at a specific agreed upon time to meet and walk you through the pick-up process. After which Tuesday-Friday pick-ups are anytime between 8am-6pm, and Saturday pick-up is anytime between 10am-6pm.  

Do I bring my own jars, or do you provide them?

Weekly pick-up of milk is given in 1/2 gallon glass jars with sealed lids. Please do not store with lids on when not in use at your home. Your PMA fee covers your initial jar rental (weekly members only). All jars need to be cleaned and returned at your following pick-up.

We highly suggest this pour spout to make drinking easier (and less messy).


Damaged jars are a $5 replacement fee, and damaged tops/rings are a $1 replacement fee. 

All jars must be returned or replacement fee paid if you stop weekly pick-up.

What happens if I am waitlisted?

You will receive an email when room has opened up. PMA fee's and contract signature are due at your first pick-up. For this reason, you will not join the PMA or owe any payment until you have been officially moved off waitlist. You will have the option to opt-out when room becomes available if you are no longer interested. 

More Questions? Check out our FAQ page here.

We allow a one time purchase of a 1/2 gallon of pet consumption raw milk for $5.00 before committing to the PMA. This is only available if we have open pick-up days. Please first view our sign-up form for current availability. If all days are waitlisted, this is not an option.
Email us at for your pet consumption trial when applicable. 

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